individual funerals

A Horse Drawn Hearse with a pair of black horses

Horse Drawn Hearse

It is very important in every service to show the character of the person in their service, a horse drawn hearse can show the love and passion your loved one had for animals, or their traditionalism, a horse drawn hearse was the usual method of transport dating back to the 17th century

A Motorcycle Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse

In 2002 Rev. Paul Sinclair founded Motorcycle Funerals Limited, Britain’s first motorcycle hearse service. 

Paul, who has served at funerals for 30 years, believes we should reflect people’s lifestyles in their funerals. “No one places an Everton fan in a Liverpool strip when they die so why should a motorcycle enthusiast be last seen in an automobile?”

A Blue tractor hearse

Tractor Hearse

A Tractor hearse is a fitting tribute to any farmer or Tractor enthusiast, the tractor has been used since 1892 and has been used by farmers since for pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers

A Bicycle hearse

Bicycle Hearse

A Bicycle Funeral Hearse gives the choice for a professional or occasional cyclist to have their last journey  by cycle 

A Volkswagen hearse

Volkswagon Hearse

Volkswagen Hearses are a touching tribute to any Volkswagen enthusiast, the 1965 split screen and 1972 bay window Hearses are available nationwide, 

Volkswagen Funerals were established In 2006

A HGV Transportation hearse

HGV Transportation Hearse

A HGV transportation hearse is a fitting tribute to any Lorry Drivers or Lorry enthusiast, The HGV Hearse provides some character to someone who feels at home driving or admiring Lorries.

An Eco friendly wicker coffin

Eco-Friendly coffins

An eco-friendly coffin is a beautiful way of respecting the planet when someone passes away, it's a fitting send-off for those who feel most at home where Nature is around.

Eco-friendly coffins are biodegradable and made from sustainable sources, there are a large variety of materials, such as Bamboo, Pandanus, Wicker, English and European Willow and much more

An Eco friendly cardboard coffin with a picture design of the African wildlife, an Elephant

Bespoke and Picture Coffins

Bespoke and Picture coffins can be made either via cardboard or MDF, so they are available as an eco-friendly option, a wide variety of options are available, the picture coffins can be inspired by music, animals, art, military, and nature, however these coffins are also available bespoke so the option of having a coffin made specifically for you or your loved one with anything you like incorporated is available and even a collage of photo's of your loved ones life is possible