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Left to right, Michael, Louise, Pat and Rachael

How we Started

Michael Started his working life as a Carpenter, Joiner and Shop fitter, working his way up in the building and construction industry to site Manager, contracts and project manager. 

Michael first had an involvement in the Funeral industry when he was asked to refurbish the offices at a Funeral home in Newport.  ‘I was so impressed by the way they conducted themselves and the respect they showed, at all times, to the deceased and the deceased’s family. It really made a lasting impression on me. Before long, I began working with them – at first just adding little touches here and there – and discovered that I got an immense satisfaction in providing comfort and support, whilst providing a vital service to the families that I met.’  

Whilst visiting Mersyside, where he met his Future Wife Pat, Michael felt he had ‘a calling’ to work in the Funeral Industry, so when he was asked to refurbish another Funeral home in Newport, he had no hesitations, he then found himself involved in the day to day running of the business and before long found himself running the business completely, It was then that he had the idea began to start his own Funeral Business.  

Michael G Ryan & Son was established on 1st January 1998 as an independent family owned funeral directors.  On the 1st January 2003 Michael G Ryan & Son became a Limited company.

A Family Business

Louise started helping out in the business at a young age, but unsure of what career she wanted to take she explored Hairdressing after work experience and working as a Saturday girl, and then worked in a call center for a number of years, after this time Louise felt she wanted a more fulfilling role and decided to join the Family Business, after Directing her first Funeral at 19, Louise became Britain’s Youngest Undertaker.  

 After helping out in the company since a young age, Rachael felt it would be worth having a week’s work experience at the age of 15 working alongside her sister and Father to see if the industry was something she would be interested in on a regular basis, before long Rachael started full time in 2015 and on the day after her 16th birthday Directed her first funeral and took the title of Britain’s youngest Undertaker from her sister - which Louise is extremely proud of.

Rachael’s training was documented on Camera and a documentary was aired in 2011 on BBC called ‘Britain’s youngest undertaker’ showing the detailed, compassionate, and dignified work the business strives to achieve and following Rachael’s everyday life. Following the introduction of his daughters, Louise and Rachael, it was decided that the company name be changed to include Michael’s Daughters so therefore on the 1st January 2011 Michael G Ryan Son & Daughters Ltd was established.  

In 2013 the company had an opportunity to open a new branch in the Cardiff area, and after years of working in a Bank, as a medical secretary and helping out in the family business, Pat decided after a family meeting she would join the Family Business Full time as a Funeral Director, Arranger and Manager of the Cardiff office and she has been the face of the Cardiff office ever since.

Our Values

Our motto ‘Our concern is your wellbeing at a time when you are hurting most’ reflects our image, and that is exactly what we do, we care for each individual family in the way that they need and we are there for anyone who would just like to talk 24/7 even just to give them peace of mind and reassurance  

Every Funeral is individual, whether that be because of faith, simplicity, eco-friendly, or because the funeral has a Horse drawn carriage, Motorcycle hearse or HGV Transportation Hearse, as each individual Funeral reflects the character of the person who has passed away.  

We give each individual the same respect and dignity that we would give our own family member, because we understand that you are entrusting us with caring for your loved one, and that is the most precious thing you could ever trust a person or company with. 

We provide a complete funeral service with respect, dignity and understanding, 24-hour personal attention, 365 days a year. 

We cater to suit the particular needs, faith and the budget of each individual family