Meet the team

The managing Director, Mike

Michael George Ryan - Managing Director

Titles: Managing Director, Funeral Director, Funeral Arranger, Director's assistant, Funeral Operative.

Mike is the second child to the late Tom and Elsie, Tom and Elsie met in the Rising sun public house in Newport, Elsie as a barmaid and Tom as a bouncer, in 1934 Mike's brother Terry was born 14th April 1935 but sadly passed away aged 5 weeks.

Mike's father Tom was a Rugby League player playing fullback in Wakefield Trinity and Hull Kingston Rovers, known (through newspaper cuttings) as one of the finest kickers in the game 

Mike rode Speedway for both Weymouth and Scunthorpe and second halved at Newport, although to his own admission never quite made the grade to pursue the profession. 

Mike was also secondary schools and town diving champion 1963- and three-time town skittles Champion and four times runner up. 

Mike Boxed for Pill Amateur boxing club and played Rugby for Bryn glass secondary school. 

In his spare time Mike Enjoys Gardening, looking after his beloved birds, budgies and Cockatiels, being chairman of Newport skittle Alley league 2018-2019 but his greatest love of all is his family and being a doting Papa to his two Grandsons. 

Mike's passion for caring for bereaved families is as strong today as the day he first decided he wanted to become a Funeral Director

The Managing partner, Louise

Louise Yhnell - Managing Partner

Titles: Managing Partner, Funeral Director, Funeral Arranger, Director's Assistant,  Accounts Manager

Louise the Managing Partner worked in the background along side her father for many years when her father Michael first started the company. With being unsure of her future career, In 2006 Louise decided she wanted to join the firm full time.  

After conducting her first funeral she never looked back. Everyday is different, 12 years later Louise is enjoying growing the business and training our staff to the highest standard of care, compassion and empathy.

Louise strives to achieve a balance between work life and her home life with two little boys, 

Her passion for caring for each family is second to none.

Funeral Director Pat

Pat Ryan - Funeral Director

Titles: Funeral Director, Funeral Arranger, Office Manager, Director's Assistant

Patricia  has always been in the background of the business since the doors first opened in 1998. 

Her support and help from when Mike first decided to open his own funeral directors has made the company go from strength to strength. 

Pat joined the team full time in 2014 when we opened our branch in Cardiff, becoming the face of our Cardiff branch.  

Pat mainly enjoys taking plenty of well deserved cruises leaving not much left of the world for her to see.

Her main passion and joy in her life is her family and being a Gan Gan to her two Grandsons.

Pat's mature essence makes her a very valued member of the team

Funeral Director Rachael, Britain's youngest funeral director

Rachael Ryan - Funeral Director

Titles: Funeral Director, Funeral Arranger, Director's Assistant, Website Administrator

Rachael our Funeral Director joined the family business full time after leaving school in 2011, soon after she joined Rachael was given the title of Britain's youngest Funeral Director at the age of 16 (which she still holds) and once this was established by the media, a documentary following our Family Business was made that aired on BBC.

Rachael is a keen singer with her Musical influence being Freddie Mercury, Rachael is an animal lover who enjoys Horse Riding, taking long walks with her dogs, and a keen Irish Dancer.

Her Professionalism is Visual through the compassion she shows towards each individual.

Funeral Arranger Louise

Louise - Funeral Arranger

Titles: Funeral Arranger, Funeral Operative, Director's Assistant

Written Description awaiting

Funeral Arranger Claire

Claire - Funeral Arranger

Titles: Funeral Arranger, Director's Assistant 

Written Description awaiting 

Funeral Assistant Steve

Steve - Funeral Assistant

Titles: Director's assistant, Funeral Operative, Caretaker

Steve is one of our longest serving member of staff, he has watched and been part of our company growing and changing.

Steve enjoys fishing and spending time with his Wife and Daughters.

Steve deals with our day to day behind the scenes running of our business so is not really customer faced but he is a very valued member of staff

Funeral operative Emma

Emma - Funeral Operative

Titles: Funeral Operative, Director's Assistant, Driver

Emma, our Funeral operative, joined our firm in April 2017, what started off as part time soon whirlwinded  into full time within no time at all 

Emma's quick thinking and motivation to get the job done is a rare quality

IN Emma's spare time she loves nothing more than going for long walks with her little dog Alfie, family time and socialising 

Emma's caring nature to help and look after people is one of the very reasons she is a pleasure to work with and have as part of our team

Funeral operative Jeff

Jeff - Funeral Operative

Titles: Funeral Operative, Director's assistant, Driver

Jeff, our Funeral operative came to us in May 2017, his determination in wanting to be part of the Funeral trade for such a long time with no success was enlightening to see.

Jeff likes nothing more than spending time with his dogs and socialising.

Jeff is enthusiastic and a valued member of our team.

Funeral operative Alexa

Alexa - Funeral Operative

Titles: Funeral Operative, Director's Assistant

Alexas our funeral Assistant.

Alexa's move to the Newport area not only meant a change of address but also a change of career. Alexa has been interested in the funeral trade for such a long time and decided to follow her dream and see if it could become reality. In October 2017, a new chapter in her life meant she could Concentrate on the things she enjoys doing. Alexas spare time is mostly spent with her four children and meeting new people.

Alexas quirky nature is a strength that we recognise and happy to be apart of our company. 

Driver Mike K

Mike - Driver

Titles: Hearse and Limousine Driver

Written description awaiting.

Driver Malcolm

Malcolm - Driver

Titles: Hearse and Limousine Driver

Written description awaiting