Eco-friendly and woodland funerals

Here at Michael G Ryan Son and Daughters LTD we can accommodate Eco-friendly funerals, including Natural burials and Eco-friendly hand-woven coffins.

What is an Eco-Friendly Funeral?

An Eco-friendly funeral is a fitting tribute to someone who felt most at home outdoors, in wide open natural spaces, it is also ideal for those who cared about the environment and wanted to protect the planet, you can choose if you would like your loved one dressed in an ecofriendly alternative like Cotton, linen or silk, and you can go a step further and request an eco-friendly hand-woven coffin, these coffins come in a variety of colours, shapes and material (wicker, bamboo, cardboard, English and European Willow and Pandanus) and you can personalize the coffin. 

If your loved one is being cremated you have a choice of and eco friendly urn with a variety of choice in Colour, shape and material (Wicker, bamboo, Willow and Pandanus) or if your loved ones cremated remains are to be scattered there is the option of a scatter tube with a large selection of design

Woodland Burial's

Woodland burial is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremations, a woodland burial is also known as a natural burial and the purpose is to commit the body to the earth with as little disturbance to the land and natural environment as possible, in a woodland space there are no headstones, in some woodland cemeteries there is an option of an eco-friendly marker that will disintegrate in time to the land, the reason for this is to ensure the natural habitat has minimal disturbance and for the natural habitat, insects and animals to become the memorial of your loved one, rather than a headstone