When A Death occurs

When the passing occurs at home

Once the passing has occurred, promptly call the Doctor’s surgery that the deceased attended, once the Doctor has arrived, they will then certify the passing, the death certificate may be completed at this time, or the doctor may ask you to collect it from their surgery on completion  

Once the Doctor has attended the place of passing, we will convey your relative into our care, we aim to be at your premises within 60 minutes of receiving your call  

Once we have conveyed your relative into our care, we will be sure to pass your details onto a member of our office staff who will then call you within 1 working day to book an appointment to make the funeral arrangements

When a passing occurs in hospital

The Hospital’s procedure is to issue the medical certificate as soon as possible, once this has been completed, they will ask you to collect this and you can then make an appointment with the registrar in order to register the passing,   

Once you have approached us for the funeral arrangements, we will contact the bereavement office in the Hospital and liaise with them on your behalf so that we can convey your relative into our care as soon as possible - Please be aware that when the instruction is for your loved one to be cremated, we cannot convey them into our care until 2 Cremation forms have been completed by the relevant Doctor’s, this is usually completed within a reasonable amount of time and we will aim to start your relatives journey with us as soon as possible

When the passing is Sudden

A sudden death is where someone has passed away unexpectedly, suddenly or if they haven’t been seen by a Doctor within the last 14 days prior to their passing.  

If the family are present at the scene, they will be asked by the police whether there is a funeral director they have in mind, if so the Police will call the designated Funeral Director to covey their deceased relative, however if the family are unsure of the Funeral Director at this point, the Police will call a Local funeral director that is available, please be aware that as you haven’t instructed that Funeral Director, you do not have any legal obligation to use their services   

The Coroner will contact the family to inform them of any decisions made, if they feel the death was a result of Natural causes, they will notify the family that no post mortem will be necessary and the family can then contact the registrar to register the passing  

If the Coroner feel’s that they cannot clarify the death has occurred due to natural causes they may request a post mortem examination and possibly an inquest, the family will not be able to register the passing until this process has been complete 

Once the coroner is satisfied with their investigation, they will issue a certificate of Burial or Cremation, this will allow for you to go forward with all funeral arrangements