Registering the passing

The registration of a passing will take place in the district that the death has occurred with the Registrar of Deaths, Birth’s and marriages, the family will need to make an appointment and ideally register the passing within 5 days of the death 

When registering, the family will receive 2 important documents – The Green form and the Death certificate, we recommend the family purchasing several copies of  the Death Certificate as some companies only accept originals and not copies, for example Insurances, banks etc. 

The Green form is important to give to your Funeral Director as soon as possible, if your relative has passed in hospital we will be unable to convey them into our care until the Green form has been given to us as it is a means of identification, no cremation or burial can take place without the Green form  

Please be aware the registrar will ask you a few questions on your arrival, just so you are prepared, here are a few thing’s they may ask you: 

  • The Date and place of death
  • The Full name of your late relative (and Maiden name where applicable)
  • Their Birth date and Area of Birth
  • Their last known Occupation 
  • Their usual home address
  • Any fund’s or pensions the deceased were receiving  
  • The full name of the applicant and the name and date of birth of a surviving widow or widower where applicable