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Thinking about pre planning your funeral is a taboo subject, however it is a sure way of your family being aware of your wishes and those wishes being met, for your family a pre-paid funeral plan takes away the financial burden and the emotional stress of not knowing what your wishes are and gives them the peace of mind that every detail has already been organised to your request.  

When families are at their most vulnerable, the last thing they will be thinking about is the cost of a funeral, studies show Funeral costs have risen by 68% in the last 10 years, but a pre paid funeral plan guarantees the Funeral Director’s fees, which means our costs will be fixed to your plan and your family will not have to make further payments at the time of passing. 

Here at Michael G Ryan Son & Daughters LTD, we understand that choice is Key! 

 With our plans you can choose every detail to suit your needs, you have a choice of the type of service you would like, whether that be a Church service, a service at the Crematorium chapel or Graveside, whether you would like a religious or non- religious service, an eco-friendly service, you can choose between a selection of Coffins and transportation and add any music, hymns, readings or poems to your plan. 

 We offer Golden Leaves Funeral Plans as we believe that they are the best funeral plans available. 

All funds are paid directly to the Golden Leaves Trust where they are held by an independent board of trustees, the trustees are required to ensure the adequacy of funds to cover the cost of the funerals when they occur, so the money you have paid into your pre paid funeral plan is safe and will be given to your funeral director at the time.  

Our dedicated team can help advise you on the plans available, and the options you have.

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